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We recommend that you have your system checked before the spring and fall seasons. It is beneficial before heavy usage in summer for maintenance and also preparation for the winter season.

An above ground backflow device should be winterized in the fall which will prevent freezing and costly repairs. Below is a list of the services included in our maintenance preparation:

  • Adjusting all sprinkler heads for proper coverage (including proper arc rotation and throw distance on rotor heads)
  • Checking proper height of sprinkler heads
  • Cleaning clogged nozzles
  • Clearing and cleaning any debris from pop-up filters
  • Determining which sprinkler heads are malfunctioning and need repair or replacement
  • Inspecting irrigation main line and lateral lines for leaks
  • Verifying station control valves for proper operation
  • Adjusting rain sensor for proper operation
  • Insulating and winterizing backflow prevention device
  • Testing and adjusting controller/timer for the specific season